Twilight fell and all the lights along the street came on.

Joyce was in a terrible mood.

Last night she did something she should not have done and saved a man, and somehow lost her virginity. She hurried back to her room and took a shower, but no matter how she tried, she just could not get rid of the man's strong scent and the red marks on her body.

She was unusually irritable. The man's wildness and the painful feeling were carved into her body already and could no longer be erased.

After class today, she went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables, all of which were quite expensive and beyond what she could usually afford.

No one knew that Joyce had rented another house outside.

When she reached the door, an unusual sound came from the house as she turned the key. She frowned and pushed the door into the house.

An unpleasant sight rushed into view.

A man groaning with his head up and a sultry woman with dyed red hair kneeling on the floor.

Joyce did not do anything special and walked into the kitchen with a numb expression.

She closed the kitchen door behind her and the meal was ready in half an hour. Baked cod with lime cheese sauce, macaroni and cheese with beef sauce, and corn chowder.

she served the food out when

woman glanced at Joyce and scratched her head, "Handsome, ask me out again next time. You are awesome!" Her

good-looking chin lifted slightly, "Next time I'll

as if

only after the woman left that Joyce

face sank, "Then why don't you come and push

deep breath, the air was filled with a vile scent that she instinctively recoiled

was already dressed, sitting in a wheelchair, with a warm, jade-like handsome face like ever before, but

had suppressed in her heart

son of JAXAH Corporation Bank, was born with a golden spoon in

a strong pain crossed his heart, "What are

Joyce hung her head and silently pushed him to the table, "Let's eat, I made your favorite

and suddenly put his chopsticks down and questioned, "When will you

froze, "I haven't graduated yet

with someone else behind his back and somehow lost her virginity last night. The bottom line was that she was well aware of her feelings for him, a responsibility she

me? Why don't you just say you dislike me for being

that ..." Joyce said

fragile, she did not dare to stimulate him or reject

am crippled in both legs. Why don’t you sit

and plates off the table to

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