However, when Jacqueline and Shelly heard from others that Joyce claimed to be Stephanie's nanny and Luther did not deny it, the two were somewhat relieved.

The two discussed privately and ventured to guess that perhaps there was some sort of agreement between Luther and Joyce, and that this agreement must have something to do with Stephanie.

Since Luther didn't want to go public with the news that he's married. Then there was room to turn everything around.

They just pretended they didn't know.

"Speaking of which, our two families still have a marriage contract ......" Jacqueline wanted to say something, probing Cecelia's attitude. The marriage with the general family was vital to the business circle.

"A marriage contract?" Charlotte thought she had heard it wrong.

"Oh, back when you were just born. Our two families agreed that the eldest son and daughter would be married later." Cecelia narrated, "Charlotte, you can choose for yourself. Mom will never force you."

Cecelia looked at Charlotte tenderly. Twenty years had passed, and after all the hardships, she finally found her daughter. She was so young and experienced the hardship in orphanage. In the future she would compensate her.

Charlotte thought there was an engagement between her and Luther.

God, she was ecstatic, and willing to marry him.

Shelly yanked Luther over here, "Speaking of this, Charlotte saved Luther's life." To broker the marriage for them and got rid of Joyce. That was something she was happy to see it happen.

stood up and asked with concern, "Luther, when did you get hurt? Did Charlotte

bowed her

No words meant acquiescence.

uncertain look, Luther only said, "That day I was in danger. Thanks to Miss Charlotte for saving me, otherwise it would

always owe Charlotte an

it can't be delayed any

Charlotte would be the daughter of the Heath

they have this kind of destiny. It's really God's will." Cecelia saw a blush on Charlotte's cheeks, and she immediately

saved your life. You have to repay her well." Jacqueline couldn't wait

you can pledge to


in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, and she

had saved Luther's life and was

What a surprise.

faked to be his wife and became a real

more, and then

out her cell phone and dialed the number she had repeatedly called over the past few

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