"I don't want to get rid of you, Justin. I have raised enough money for your operation, just don't give up, everything will be fine, you can definitely stand up." She slowly squatted down in front of him and looked at him with her sincere eyes.

Almost, his heart was about to feel pleasure, but suddenly his face became even more gloomy, "What then? After I stand up? Your mission is complete? You don't feel guilty anymore? And you're finally free?"

"I'm not, you're overthinking it."

He looked excited and suddenly reached out and dragged her to him, leaning down and then kissing her, "Then you give it to me. I want it now."

"Justin, don't you do that." She dodged his lips.

Enraged, he pushed her violently to the ground and hissed, "Why did you refuse! Why won't you marry me!"

Joyce was now a total mess and felt pain all over her body. Two years, and she was really too tired.

What has happened could not be changed.

What would happen in the future, who could know?

There was only so much she could do for him, with everything she had.

"Justin, we're going to check into the hospital tomorrow."

Justin turned blue and pushed the wheelchair back into the room by himself, and threw the door shut with a "bang".

Just now there was a moment when he rolled within his heart and almost wanted to tell her that he was just pretending with he was playing women, and that he was just angry that she didn't care about it all.

loved her and how

afraid that she would speak up, and even more

him. It was either sympathy or guilt. Anyway, it was not the love he wanted. All through these two years, it was

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down to gather up the pieces of

distracted and suddenly felt a stinging pain in her finger. She took a look at her

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out her phone, her bloodstained fingers

where she got her license with the man, and then his god-like, cool side face. The man was too high up,

money, and Justin

lifted her head and looked at the closed door of the room, her gaze flowing with indefinable

owed, there would eventually be a time when

love that was

88th Floor,

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people inside were reporting, "President, investigation shows that the people who attacked you that day, most likely OGW. There were no cameras around at the time, and strangely enough, there was quite a bit of sprayed blood on the ground,

me." Luther always felt puzzled, that day he was in great danger and leaped into the river, but why did they give up?

be the person

underground clinic. But it was already empty. The only clue is

to find this doctor," Luther


"Yes, Luther."

also OGW who gave me that kind

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