Shelly stepped on her Chanel heels and scuffled up to the front, cursing, "Bitch, how dare you cheat on my brother and fool around with another man!"

It caught Joyce off guard.

She turned around, stepped forward, and tugged Shelly, lowering her voice, "Stop it, I'll explain later. Leave now."

"Why? I'm not going to leave, I'm going to expose you here today! You cunning woman, what method did you use to charm my brother, and you still don't know enough. And also with wild men ..."

When Shelly's eyes fell on Justin, all words choked.

She froze for a long time before she was able to say anything, "Justin?!"

Then Shelly was crying tears of joy and rushed forward, hugging Justin tightly, "Justin, I can't find you no matter how hard I look. Your family won't say where you've been!"

Justin, who she had known since childhood, had always been her dream. Since she was a child, she vowed to marry Justin, no other man could ever enter her eyes since. But just two years ago, Justin seemed to evaporate from the earth, she could not find him no matter how hard she tried.

She never thought that she would meet him here today.

Justin's good-looking brow furrowed slightly as he pushed Shelly away without a trace.

Shelly then realized he was in a wheelchair and exclaimed, "Justin, what happened to your leg?"

Who was it that made her gentle and elegant Justin look like this?

Shelly stood up angrily, looked at Justin, then at Joyce, and questioned, "How do you know each other? Why are you at the hospital? Is it you, Joyce, who did this to him?"

was furious and grabbed Joyce

stopped, "Shelly! Let go!

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Justin, you mustn't be fooled by her." Shelly was frantic. How could Justin like Joyce? She was

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it? You've got your feet in two boats and you continue to make up stories? You lied to my brother and then to Justin! I'm going to teach you a lesson today, bitch!" Shelly was so angry that her whole face turned purple. She felt

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"Stop it!"

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Why are you helping that bitch …" Shelly was

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