Joyce was stunned and there was annoyance in her eyes.

The familiar malevolent words, once again she heard them.

In this moment, her thought was rewound back to years ago.

The hidden aggression at the bottom of her heart rolled up in bursts, bottled up in her chest so she couldn't breathe.

Two years ago, the Henderson family.

"Joyce, I really underestimated you! Is this your way of gaining Justin's trust? You want to climb the ladder to the upper class? You want to be with him, and you think you are worthy of him even though you are nothing but an orphan?"

Luther sneered when Joyce didn't answer, "You admit it?"

Joyce was once again snapped back to her senses. Well, the past was all in the past.

"Sick." She gave a disdainful look, flung her long arms, and pushed him away with force.

She just wants to stay away from these so-called powerful, rich, upper-class people.

These consortia, all of them, had delusions of victimhood.

She was an orphan girl, and that made her a gold-digger to them.

her if she was willing to climb

came faintly


the door to the room, and the sound of wheels rolling as

was Justin

call and came out to look for


exactly is the purpose of your visit here?"

Justin called out again, "I just

see Luther, especially under such a confusing situation. There was no way she

right now was that Justin had to be at ease with his surgery. Nothing should

In a pinch.

pushed open the emergency access door beside her, and dragged him to the

access door closed, she just felt

pushing his wheelchair

just opened his mouth when Joyce put a firm hand

covering his lips

thin lips were sealed by her

that she

that moment, she had no half-thoughts in her head, only

completely stunned, their four lips pressed against each other,

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