Sure enough, Justin was missing.

Joyce searched him over and over again, and already checked evrey place in the hospital, asked every people as much as possible.

Exhausted, she fell to the ground.

The dark clouds covered the moon and the dim streetlights made her shadow extra long.

Justin can't be found anywhere. It's like he's vanished in this world.

The surgery was in tomorrow and Justin was still missing.

She felt frustrated.

Her efforts and the suffering she'd endured for a long time all went down in the drain.

Luther looked at Joyce who was sitting on the floor in front of him.

She huddled and buried her head deep into her knees. Her hair scattered down her slightly trembling shoulders. Was she crying?

Luther just felt uncomfortable, and Justin had been missing for almost two years.

Justin? How

Sitting there, it seemed that she couldn't

She did not cry.

because she cannot cry. Her heart is like being stubbed by a knife, feeling

seen her like this

melancholy at the moment, but

help but want to love

breath and resisted his urge to

it necessary to pretend to be sad? If your

to comfort her, but

was angry about himself and didn't know

was she upset? Wasn't he richer than Justin, and wasn't R&S Group more

in the upper circles, and there were many celebrities who were after

the hell was he thinking. How could he

been numb and immune

the dust on her body. Her face

"to where?"

Luther stupefied.

right? Grandma must have already gone home. If we don't go back, Grandma will get suspicious." Joyce rubbed her sore arm as she walked

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