After Joyce bought dinner and helped Justin settle down, she went back to the hospital billing center to pay off the 300,000.

After everything was done, she came to the orphanage in the afternoon.

Last time she could not make it to the orphanage because of what happened that night. She made a new appointment with the dean to come over this afternoon.

She grew up in an orphanage and was always treated well by Mother Rachel.

The orphanage had been keeping their information, and once someone came looking for their family, they would call them over to identify them.

As a child, Joyce was quite looking forward to finding her biological parents, but unfortunately, she found the wrong one every time.

Over time, with one disappointment after another, she had long been indifferent.

She survived without her parents, didn't she?

On her way upstairs, Joyce met Charlotte, who had just arrived, at the corner.

Charlotte smiled sweetly and greeted warmly, "Joyce, you're here too?"

Joyce smiles and nods. She and Charlotte grew up together and are now at the same university.

They didn't really meet each other much, but their relationship was okay.

The two pushed the door into the dean's office together.

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