Back to the Warner family's main house.

Joyce accompanied her grandmother for dinner and talked with her for a while. The two talked and laughed.

Joyce's face was calm, as if the thing had never happened.

There was no denying that Grandma was in a much better mood since Joyce arrived.

Joyce would also give her grandmother massages from time to time to ease the pain caused by her lung cancer treatment.

Luther thought it would be worth it. His grandmother had brought him up all by herself, and he just wanted her to be happy for the last days of her life.

After Grandma fell asleep, Joyce returned to her room.

Although she stayed in Luther's luxurious room for a few days, she never took a closer look at it since she came and went in a hurry each time.

Today she found that there was a storage room in the bedroom. After opening the door, a burst of cold air spread.

Inside were rows and rows of wine cabinets. A whole room for the wines? So extravagant.

She opened one of the crystal cabinet doors, which held all kinds of foreign wines she had never seen before.

opened it,

had a drink before.

She drank it off.

pungent sensation flowed through her limbs. She felt that her brain was getting hot, and the body a little numb. And

think about anything right now, the more numb

another, and soon the whole

sensation was all over her body. She tried to stand up, but her legs were weak and she fell on the

comfortable, it's good to sleep

time later, a pair of shoes appeared

looked up

shoes, she looked up and there were long and slender legs. And then upper, she saw a pair of deep black eyes under the straight brows, high nose and thin lips. That



so good-looking." She giggled up at him, drunk as

the woman who

tilted head, slightly curved and watery eyes were so

all over. He dicovered the empty bottle next to him, and couldn't help but let

actually drank up the Spade A

up!" He

you." Joyce's smile was so attrative when she fumbled her pockets, as if

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