Looking up, Joyce smiled awkwardly, "I ......"

"No ......"

She stammered and finally came up with something to say, "Don't you need to take off your pants to sleep? Isn't that uncomfortable?" What a shame, it was so close.

Luther glared at her and took a deep breath. Then, he got himself under control, and re-buckled his belt.

"Well, forget it if you don't need it. Go to bed and have a good night."

Joyce hurriedly lay down in the corner of the bed, and she curled up to sleep as far away from him as possible.

It was really awkward. Her heart was pounding.

She didn't fall asleep until the daybreak.

Aaron arrived in the early hours of the morning and had the Maybach with the broken glass towed away for repairs. He also drove a Bentley.

For safety reasons, he stood outside of the inn on night duty.

Until Luther woke up from his nap.

The early morning sunlight shone in, spilling dappled light and shadows in the room.

Joyce slowly opened her eyes. In fact, she did not fall asleep, and just took a nap for a while when it was almost dawn.

sat up with

of clothes. Joyce had met Aaron before, and she reached

Each washed up briefly.

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