Joyce dragged her trolley case, panting as she climbed the hill, looking down at her phone's location every now and then.

No. 1 Sophora Street.

She didn't realize that Luther's house was halfway up the hill, and most importantly, there was no bus that could take her there!

Rich people really do like to live in the mountains.

She was literally walking on two broken legs.

She should have let his driver pick it up.

After quite some hard work, she climbed halfway up the mountain, and finally, she saw the mansion gate, which was surprisingly at the end of the road. Did he just own all the rest of the mountain?

When the big iron door slowly opened, Joyce was dumbfounded.

Inside, boulevards, neat lawns, shaped flowers, and fountain sculptures stretch on and on.

Very far away! An imposing golden European-style building stood on the hillside, shining dazzlingly in the setting sunlight.

Infinity, that's about it.

Joyce was almost crawling when she finally reached the door of the main house.

Roman columns

and made a respectful "please" gesture,

very well, Joyce could still feel the contempt and

she looked a mess now, with her clothes soaking wet and one of her suitcase wheels

even have the strength

followed Mr. Arnold into the living

crystal chandeliers more

staircase, slowly walked a noblewoman,

glanced at Joyce with disdain, who was wearing white

beggar come from,

the stairs and was

it? You are

of person be

Shelly Warner almost shouted.

usually live in the main house, which was where Grandma and Luther lived. They both lived in the penthouse, one of the busiest places downtown, and tonight

college class, and she knew

that Shelly would be

end of her sophomore year, she skipped a

Professor Owens to

couldn't even get

family in Khebury, and she couldn’t

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