Joyce was afraid of tickle. Justin used to come to the range to look for her. He lovesd to use feathers to scratch her neck secretly when she was practicing.

"Joyce, you need to work on your fixation, you're distracted oh."

"Distracted and still hitting 10 rings, fantastic."

She dodges around every time she got tickled.

It was only when one was young and ignorant that can feel the joy of innocence.

The tickle on her neck felt like it was being tickled by a feather, so she couldn't help it and laughed, "Justin, stop it."

Words was like cold water pouring over his head.

Instantly, the water extinguished all the out-of-control fires in Luther's body.

He awoke. what was he doing? Surprisingly, he was charmed by her.

Damn Joyce, was she using him as a stand-in for Justin?

He couldn't stand it any longer and stood up and roared, "Enough! It's time for you to wake up!"

After that, he lifted Joyce's collar, and dragged her all the way to the bathroom. She was dumped directly into the bathtub which was filled with water.

water instantly flooded her

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clothes are all wet."

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checked if her clothes were put off. Except for the two missing collar buttons, all was

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probably drank bad-quality wine and lost my temper in some way just now.

It's worth a hundred thousand pounds!!!" There were another basements in the house but the

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pay?" She looked at him in horror. She hadn't paid back the 800,000 RMB


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"Put it on."

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