Luther shrugged, "Didn't bring it."

"Why didn't you say so earlier?!" Joyce was not calm. It was obvious that he was the one who wanted a divorce, and they made a trip early in the morning for nothing.

"You didn't ask."

Joyce, "......"

Aaron glanced at them, and did not make a sound. The boss's documents had always been kept by him. Did the boss forget it? Should he remind it? He was struggling whether he should remind his boss or not for a while. Then, he decided to pretend he knew nothing at all.

"Go back to the main house and rest, and get Jamie here." Luther instructed him and left the civil service.

Jamie was the family doctor at the Warner family and came by the last time when Grandma fell down in a faint.

It seemed that they can't divorce today. Joyce was also very tired after a night of tossing and turning.

It was just a matter of going back and catching up on sleep. They had to take a rain check on the application.

The divorce was just delayed.

As graduation approached, Joyce became busy with the school stuff.

Joyce couldn't be bothered with the divorce for a while.

The internship project team of professor Owens' automotive design eventually settled on a studio located inside the R&S Group headquarters.

on the 12th floor for the project team. The team has been busy in

and a few others were in the design team, while Charlotte was in the sales

finally able to leave the school for an internship. Still, these

first day of

on her own. Although she usually lived in the Warner family, she only let Aaron drove her to

a giant fountain plaza

ninety floors, maybe. The golden glass seamlessly connected each floor. The buiding was so tall as if extended into

power of money was surely

of place from her simple white shirt, black skirt

fancy clothes and you

taunt came

was a bit

and met a pair of sultry eyes that seemed to kill her on the spot. The fiery red dress,

but she didn't expect to meet Joyce downstairs. She inquired people about Joyce afterwards. An orphan

party, and she had not dealt with it

What a coincidence!

could naturally see

"Look at the cheap clothes you're wearing. You don't deserve Luther's love. Don't you even look yourself

Joyce didn't want to look for

ignoring, sometimes seemed like a bigger provocation to the other

was irritated. She rushed forward, raised her

and dodged. Keeping Martha's wrist off, she gave

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