After that slap.

For a long time, Luther and Joyce were in a cold war.

Both calmed down, but also peaceful.

It was on the weekend.

St. Casterman Road, where the best costume jewelry in Khebury was gathered.

In front of a high-end private custom store.

"Why are you here to buy clothes?" Joyce was reluctant.

"There's a banquet tonight and you're going to go dressed like this?" Luther glanced up and down at her, "Dressing like a beggar will lose my face."

She didn't think that she look like a beggar. Obviously she was looking quite good.

"Why should I attend? Our relationship is not supposed to be open to the public either, so in what identity would I go?"

"You think I want to take you there? It was Grandma who insisted."

like Grandma will know if I'm going or not!

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Forgot it. It was just a dinner party to go on. It was

Khebury's top private custom clothing

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glass door. Inside was a duplex layout,

you are looking for a bathroom, go out and turn left, and then walk for twenty meters."

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