"Oh, I feel sorry for you. In my eyes, you're a jumped-up clown." Joyce looked at Martha, her lips curved in a perfect curve, and said clearly.

"What do you mean?" Martha looked incredulous.

"A smart and capable woman wants dignity. Only a stupid and humble woman prays for love."

Joyce sighed with a look of regret.

"You!" Martha's face turned res with anger. This woman called her stupid and humble.

Forgetting the lesson she had just learned, she raised her hand again and tried to hit Joyce again.

Only, this time, the person who stopped her was Luther.

"Don't overdo it." Luther fiercely squeezed Martha's wrist and warned, "Get out while I still have some respect for your father." The two families had been friends for generations, so he had to control himself.

"Where have I gone too far? You know full well I've loved you since I was a little girl." Martha's gorgeous face was full of supplicating expression, "We ......"

The sound of brakes interrupted her.

that was, the military vehicle stopped beside

in army green uniform with a straight back, who trotted up to respectfully


orderly immediately saluted respectfully,

a pure white Chanel

at the three people in front of her, she could probably tell

last party, the daughter

this point she couldn't care

continued to pester Luther, but her voice turned soft and pleasing, "How about we get engaged, auntie will definitely agree with it. You know,

that, she

ever been

she would come back again and again, never ending.

world who is good enough for you! Can we get engaged?" Martha was obsessed with Luther to the point

and wished she could rip Joyce

a woman like Martha who had a temper but no

Didn't expect it.

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