You Hit My Heart

You Hit My Heart

Authors:Kylie Stanford
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Chapter 477

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Joyce Knowles was a sharpshooter who shoot within the accuracy of 0.01mm. She was a daughter of a top tycoon, but she got replaced by a scheming girl. He was a devoted president of a top tycoon, but he had a flash marriage with her because he misidentified his life-saver. He had never thought that one day she would point at his heart with the cold muzzle. 


Kick Joyce out of the Warner family and get Justin back later.

Shelly's mention of Justin caused Luther's cold form to shake slightly and his frown to deepen.

"There is no evidence, don't you just say your nonsense." Juanita was completely furious. Although Shelly was the daughter of the Warner family, at this moment she could not care less about it.


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Joyce was about to turn on her computer when Shelly pounced on her. She was caught off guard. She tried to fight back but was a little too late.

Just when Shelly's slap was about to fall.

At this point, Luther stepped forward, squeezed Shelly's wrist, and slapped her hard with the other hand.

"Pop!" A crisp sound.

Shelly covered her burning cheek and looked at Luther incredulously. The next second, she cried and yelled, "How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me for this liar!"

Since she was a child, he had never hit her! No matter what she did wrong, he never really hit her!

Now, to her surprise, for Joyce this time, he beat her up.

He hit her in the face with such force that her ears seemed to go deaf.

She was in so much pain that tears fell from her eyes.

"That's enough! You are the only one who is lying here! Show the surveillance video!" Luther couldn't stand it anymore and he almost roared.

Joyce turned on the computer again and played the night-vision surveillance video again.

All the pretense of Shelly had all collapsed at this moment.

Her face was white as a sheet.

She was like she had lost her soul and could not believe what her eyes saw.

She had done everything so perfectly. Even if someone suspected her, as long as there was no evidence, she could deny it. She never thought that Joyce actually installed night vision surveillance on her own computer.

Just everything she did was recorded.


Everything she did was exposed, all of it, in front of everyone in the entire automotive project team.

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477 Chapters
You Hit My Heart

You Hit My Heart

477 Chapters

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