You Hit My Heart (Joyce and Luther)

Chapter 1723: Unlocking The Device

Chapter 1723: Unlocking the Device

Finally finding an opportunity to take Alisha out and away from Athena's sight, Luther wouldn't miss the chance.

Dr. Jones, an experienced professional doctor of older age, had seen countless cases and had a wealth of knowledge. But even she had never heard of implanting a micro-explosive device near the heart of a child. It took an extremely ruthless person to target a child like that.

She immediately nodded and discreetly brought the mobile CT machine over.

Jacob, who was observing from outside, saw the examination taking place inside. He became cautious and was about to pick up the phone to inform Athena.

However, Jamie stood beside him and said, "Don't be surprised. It's only logical to perform a CT scan for pneumonia. I had thought we should have done a CT evaluation of her lung recovery while she was receiving treatment at home."

Jacob found the explanation reasonable and no longer felt alarmed or concerned.

Inside the sterile ward, Dr. Jones used the most advanced multi-slice spiral thin-layer CT machine to clearly capture cross-sections of the thoracic cavity. After taking images from multiple angles, she pushed the machine away.

Then she opened her linked computer and carefully analyzed the images one by one.

Luther stood by Alisha's side, tightly holding her hand.

If possible, he really wanted to remove the explosive device from Alisha's body right now.

In fact, he wanted to subdue the people outside as well. It wouldn't be difficult for him.

It was just that Athena probably anticipated this, and if she could make Alisha come out, he worried that Athena, the wicked woman, still had a backup plan. He had to eliminate all possibilities.

"What's the situation?" After a moment of waiting, Luther asked Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones responded, "Firstly, it will take at least twenty minutes for the anesthesia to take effect. Removing the detonator isn't difficult. Although it's close to the arterial blood vessels and poses a risk, as long as the surgeon is skilled, they can avoid it within a controllable range. However..."

She paused.

nervously waited for

"However, what?"

Dr. Jones pointed at the screen.

a circular device on the black and white CT image. It seemed to have a tube

is this?"

had the privilege of working in a military hospital for ten years. I suspect this is a section of a conduit. Let me put it this way, it's like a key. We need to open the conduit first before we can remove the detonator.

I need to acquire the unlock device that

what I suspect. If we forcefully remove it, I can't imagine the consequences," Dr. Jones shook her head. "Mr. Warner, this is beyond my capabilities.

blame yourself. You've

there's something I don't know if I should say or not," Dr.

"It's fine, go ahead."

himself, he could still see the general outline.

own flesh and blood, Mr. Warner, you can surely find a way together with the marshal. The methods used by the military hospital's personnel to remove explosive

to hide anything from Dr.

only further enrage

this madwoman might just ignite the



like Athena had him pinned down at his weak spot. What should he do to break free from

the time for the surgery itself. We can disregard the time for suturing. Overall, it's difficult for me to distract their attention for more than half an

for a moment. She glanced at the black-clad individuals outside

mind. It might be helpful for you to listen

lifted. "Please,

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