You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 68: He Discussed about Sabina’s Twin Sister with Her

This rich young master, wasn’t he being too grounded. This was making Shirley feel a little uncomfortable.

She watched him wash the vegetables skillfully. Not long after, the enoki mushrooms in his basin were done, and he poured away the water and rinsed it once more.

Watching him finish washing his vegetables, Shirley didn’t dare to continue standing there anymore, so she walked over to the cutting board and picked up the knife.


When her hands reached the knife, the man next to her suddenly held her wrist.

She took a breath and let go of the knife, and turned around to look at him, “What do you want?”

He gave a strong pull, and pulled Shirley into his arms, his other hand on Shirley’s waist, hugging her tightly.

Shirley’s hands were on his chest, she glared angrily at the man, “What are you doing, let go, do you still want your kitchen, don’t you believe I will burn it down.”

She knew she couldn’t be spending time alone with him, so why did she agreed to staying back to help out.

Strong and domineering, Bryan hugged her. His eyes were dark, and he suddenly said quietly, “Paisley, I met Sabina this morning because I wanted to ask her something. It’s not because I wanted to ask her out for a meal or date, I am not as flirty as you think.”

Shirley’s body froze a little, and she stopped struggling, she turned away her head and said, “You don’t have to explain to me, I am not your anyone.”

“We’ve slept together!”

This short sentence was enough to make Shirley flush red.

She bit her lips and glared at him.

Yes, they have slept together, but did he have to say it out loud?

“That was an accident, I didn’t even take it to heart, you don’t have to keep talking about it.” Shirley was so angry with his straightforwardness. She was a woman and she had her dignity.

was thinking too much, over the past twenty years, there had been no woman that can make his heart flutter like she did. Since he had already met her, he didn’t want to

her hand tightly around her back, and said, “How

Shirley’s face blushed red.

This annoying man…

I wanted to ask her about her twin sister. I checked that the woman that slept with me six years

lifted her chin, his gaze resting on her eyes, “I saw online

body trembled slightly, but it was such a small tremor that no one

her chin, her lips raised in a mocking way, “So, you are intending to use Sabina to find the

another person

didn’t even know what she was being mad

so angry,

“Are you jealous?”

not that I have no

front of him that she was so

at her anxious manner, Bryan thought that

raised his eyebrows, and said wickedly, “I am suspecting that the woman that slept with me six years ago is Sabina’s other sister, her name is

find her.” Shirley clenched her fists,

actually believe what was going

there are feelings, then

laugh, punched her fist against his chest and

of them retreated a


just made an announcement on this matter this afternoon.

turned around with a winning smile on her face, “Mr. Moore,


through her fingers. She inhaled some fresh air and withdrew her hand

was standing by the side, took a large step forward and

of the fingernails of her index finger was a wound, blood was gushing out from the opening and dripping

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