You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 69: He Hoped That She Can Move Into the Moores’ Manor

After wrapping up Shirley’s wound, Bryan didn’t let go of her hand.

She raised her head to look at him, her hand twitching, she frowned and said, “Let go.”

“Let me bring you to a place.” He ignored her and stood up, and pulled her up from the bed.

Shirley’s struggle was to no avail, and she could only let him drag her along.

He pushed open the bedroom door, and walked through the passage on the left. When they reached the end, there was a circular staircase.

She followed behind him. After descending the staircase, they entered another compound, there was another straight corridor ahead of them. Above them was a flower roof made of mahogany lacquer, green rattan intertwined on the mahogany, colourful flowers were blooming from the green leaves.

The scenery was beautiful, and filled with a village atmosphere.

After passing through this flower corridor, they made a turn and there was another small lawn.

However, this lawn wasn’t as big as that in the front.

Confused, Shirley asked, “Mr. Moore, where are you bringing me?”

Bryan ignored her, but his hands held her arms tightly, as if afraid she would sneak away.

They twisted and turned, after about ten minutes, Bryan stopped in front of a little villa and fished out a key and tapped it on the electric door.

The door automatically opened on both sides.

At this point, Bryan turned around and let go of her hand, “Go in and take a look, see whether you like this place.”

If she couldn’t already tell what he meant by this, then Shirley would be considered stupid.

“I didn’t agree to move in to the Moores’ Manor.”

take care of your meals and accommodation. Moving in here doesn’t mean that you are my partner, if you don’t agree, I won’t force you. I don’t want what

face was solemn,


using the two children as her weak spot to attack.

on how crazy

the Moores’ Manor is the nursery where the children go to, it takes less than ten minutes to and fro. Driving to my villa in the front at night takes less than three minutes.” The

took the longer route to show her that there was a large distance

finished his words, Shirley

I’ll head in

look at the lawn.”

was green. The patch of grass was beautifully green, every step on it felt

entertainment facilities,

facilities, Shirley thought that her two children

here, and I’ll

on it and gently touched

affirmation, “Both of them would

a waste.” Shirley indeed felt a little moved by his actions. If Bryan had thought about all this, this meant

felt a puff

won’t go to waste, if it’s not used now,

with what he just said. After giving it a thought, her face boiled, she raised her head to look in the direction of that man, but he

two-storey villa, there were three rooms in the ground floor, three

basement was a huge library, there was a

and flipped it open, the book was new, it still smelled of a

of books above her,

books?” She touched

me know what else is

inhaled, her hands on the books of various great authors. All these books were rare, and could only be found in big book stores. What’s more they

make it more convenient

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