You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 76: Bryan Moore Had Also Come to the Banquet

The lobby on the first floor of Phoenix Restaurant was reserved. Kevin led Shirley to sit by the window and ordered the waiter to serve the two kids some desserts or congee first.

The two kids were sitting on Kevin’s lap, and the atmosphere was instantly joyful with them talking and laughing together.

Shirley pulled two high chairs for the kids, patting the chairs, and said, “Jacob, stop sitting on Kevin’s lap. Get down.”

Jacob was obedient as he got down Kevin’s lap after Shirley’s instruction and sat on the high chair. While Emma, on the other hand, held Kevin’s arm and pouted, “Mommy, I still want to talk to Daddy Mitchell. He is going to tell me a story.”

“Emma.” Shirley became serious suddenly.

Kevin looked at her and said with a smile on his face, “I want to hug the kids too. They can indulge when being with me. No need to reprimand them like this.”

“Kevin, you’ll spoil them both,” Shirley said with difficulty.

Kevin chuckled, “You always said that I’d spoil them, but every time I see them, they are so well-behaved and obedient.”

He picked Emma up and helped her adjust her sitting position to rest her back on his waist, with her legs resting on his knees, before turning to the next page of the storybook.

Shirley glanced at Emma in displeasure, then she turned her head to look down the hall.

Not all the guests sitting at the banquet were fellow students. There were many unfamiliar faces, and Shirley thought that this banquet was not simple.

She poured herself a glass of water and asked, “Kevin, didn’t Mr. Stewart say it was just a meal? But I see that he has invited so many of the upper class!”

Kevin looked up at Shirley, “As a matter of fact, Mr. Stewart intends to set up a studio in City L.”

“Really?” Shirley’s eyes lit up, feeling joyous inside.

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