You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 77: Bryan Moore Is Jealous

“She’s your junior sister?” He asked in a nonchalant tone, and his gaze fell on Shirley once again, in a rage.

Damn woman. So she was the master’s apprentice, and she had kept it to herself.

And why was that man holding her child?

“Yeah, she is the youngest apprentice our master has taken. She has just entered the profession less than six years ago.” Amelia was smiling. Her voice was sweet and soft. However, in her words, she had already revealed that Shirley joined this profession late and not as good as Amelia.

Mildred gritted her teeth, clutching a chopstick in each hand, and looked towards Shirley.

Shirley shook her head slightly, signalling Mildred not to say anything. She had already understood Amelia’s motive for getting closer to Bryan. For the sake of the master’s banquet to go smoothly, she would just put up with this idiot woman for the time being.

The atmosphere changed after Bryan sat down at this table. Shirley, in particular, felt uncomfortable and awkward. Luckily, Amelia was chattering away, trying her best to validate her existence in front of Bryan, which helped ease the depressing atmosphere.

Not long after, the food was served.

Shirley saw that Emma was still on Kevin’s lap, and she said solemnly, “Emma, sit on the chair. Kevin is about to eat, and it will be inconvenient with you sitting on his lap.”

“No, no. I won’t move around, then Daddy Mitchell can eat.” Kevin treated the kids so gently that the kids even mistakenly thought that Kevin was their real daddy. And this led to the two children not even looking at Bryan after sitting there for more than ten minutes.

And now that Emma was fussing about not wanting to get off Kevin, Bryan’s face darkened suddenly.

“Shirley, just let her be.”


“It’s indeed not good to let a child sit on an adult’s lap when eating. In case the food accidentally falls on the child, it might burn her.” Shirley was about to speak when the man beside her interjected. His voice was cold and full of disdain, with a strong smell of jealousy.

that. Emma, be a good girl and sit on the high chair. When we

that he called himself ‘Daddy’ to the child, made Bryan

did Bryan feel that the children were getting further away from

but now, they didn’t even bother to look at him.

they were

children call others’

suddenly felt that it was a big mistake to wait for Shirley to tell him

fight for his own

the other hand, Kevin had already carried Emma, placing her in the


like that, always being so attentive. He and Mildred watched the children since birth. Allegedly, it was Kevin who changed the babies’ diapers. He was also good at preparing milk formulas and feeding

do you

head, looking at

raised his brow, and he was delighted

get it for you.” Shirley didn’t overthink about it and picked up Jacob’s bowl. Just when she wanted to chuck a piece of fish, the

way Bryan took away the bowl was so elegant that it was impossible to tell that he was snatching it. The people around would only think that he was gentlemanly and caring and that he had won the

a gentle father. Anyone who married him would

tender and boneless part of the fish

Bryan’s performance, and he got down the chair, ran past Shirley, and stood between Bryan and her. Jacob even pointed at another dish in front of Bryan, “Uncle,

get down here? Just tell mommy what you want to eat, and sit back down now.” Shirley looked at Jacob, reaching her hands, and wanted to carry

a step ahead of

she looked at Bryan in shock and

was she shocked, but the women in the banquet hall who were silently observing Bryan were also all stunned.

and mighty, unexpectedly hugged a stranger’s child and so considerate, making food for the child. It was

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