You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 78: Two Men in a Play

The people at the next table heard Amelia’s startled cry and turned their heads to look at her. Mildred, who was busy eating, looked up at Amelia. Shirley too looked up at Amelia with astonishment.

Amelia’s seat was wet with soup, and there was even a large soup stain on her thigh area.

Mildred laughed gleefully, “Ms. Jones, why are you so careless? You won’t have another dress to change for getting it dirty this time.”

Amelia went very red, damn Mildred…

Bryan carried Jacob and got up, saying, “It was me who accidentally spilt the soup just now. I’m really sorry, Ms. Jones. Why don’t you go to the bathroom and clean it up?”

The crowd expressed their envy hearing this. For the first time, so many people wanted to have their soup spilt on them.

Meanwhile, Amelia felt classy for Bryan’s attitude, and she even believed that the soup spilling on her was worth it when she saw a group of women focused on her with envy.

Amelia secretly glanced at Mildred, thinking that Mildred was actually fond of Bryan. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have repeatedly been tit-for-tat with her. But, what was the use of liking him? In the end, it was Amelia who sat next to Bryan.

“It’s fine. Mr. Moore, you have your meal first. I’ll let someone clean up the place.” Amelia said warmly and delicately.

She then beckoned the waiter to come over and clean up the area, padding it with a clean serviette before going to the washroom.

After Amelia had left, Mildred stood up and went around to Amelia’s place with her plate. She placed her cutlery down and asked the waiter to move Amelia’s plate away. She then went to Shirley’s side and lifted the children’s high chair.

Shirley hurriedly grabbed the chair and said, “What are you doing?”

“Letting my nephew sit with me.” Saying this, Mildred tugged the chair hard and placed it in the middle of Bryan’s seat and hers. She patted the chair, saying, “Come, Jacob. Sit here.”

Jacob instantly gave her a thumbs up.

Sure enough, it was really worthy of Aunt Mildred.

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