Drenched in Love

Chapter 54 Why Give Up

"Is that so?"

Sophia looked at Vincent and asked again. At this time her face and lips were pale and her body began to tremble slightly.

She hoped Vincent would say no. If he said no, then she was not the one who caused her mother’s death....

Vincent looked at Sophia with red eyes. He opened his mouth, wondering what to say. He naturally knew it was a blow to Sophia. He wanted to say no, but......

Ella nestled beside Vincent, with a standard smile on her face all the time. Seeing that Vincent did not answer, Ella raised her hand and touched Vincent's arm, “Vincent, Sophia asked you, tell her!"

Vincent came back to himself and took a look at Ella. Ella's eyes were bright with the meaning only the two of them understood.

Vincent's face got serious. He looked at Sophia and said, “Sophia, that is it."

Sophia's body suddenly shook once.

She didn't know how on earth she had left the cafe. She o forgot that she had left the car parked on the side of the road. Her feet were moving mechanically and unconsciously.

Through the floor-to-ceiling window to see Sophia’s thin figure, Vincent clenched his fist. He suddenly stood up and wanted to chase out, but Ella immediately held his arms and did not allow him to leave.


Vincent pushed her away and looked at her coldly, "I said it according to your meaning. Now you are satisfied!"

changed, “Vincent, you are satisfied! Didn’t Sophia cause the death of Helena?

a lot, showing a bright smile,

for a moment, and then he

get off work. The road was crowded and there was a annoying honk from time

She looked at the

louder, which pulled Sophia back to

car with unknown brand parking next to her. Sophia froze and then found that she stood in the middle of the road, causing

right turn, and a car sped by touching her dress. It was only a short few seconds,

you doing?! Die away! Don't harm people

retreated to the

echoed in her ear: Die away! Don't

died. If she had not gone to prison, if she had not made herself scapegoat for Vincent, her mother would

Sophia crashed into a tree by the side of the road. She fell to the ground and did not rise. She sat against the tree trunk, biting

hurried away. There were children told their

time and her legs became numb. Sophia stood up by supporting the tree trunk

river waves. Sophia walked toward step by step and stood on the bridge. Looking at the deep river under the bridge, Sophia could not help but

the bridge and watching for a long time, the

jump and it

told herself again in

years ago, it was a turning point. After the car accident, she took the blame for Vincent and went

Five years ago, they took the life of a young

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