My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 5 Giving Birth to a Child for Morris

It was in the living room of the Cheal's Mansion.

"Granny, it's getting late. I'm going to the hospital to deliver food to my parents."

Vivian, who had been forcefully taken to the Cheal's Mansion, came up with an excuse to leave.

Madame Cheal said kindly, "I've already sent someone to take your parents to the private hospital of the Cheal. There's someone taking care of them. Don't worry."

Hearing this, Vivian frowned slightly. She stood up abruptly and asked, "Granny, you took my parents away without my permission. Are you trying to threaten me with that?"

What are you thinking?

Instead of getting angry, Madame Cheal smiled and said, "Speaking of that, this is the fate between you and my grandson. You also know that my grandson, Morris, is at the age of getting married. There has never been a woman around him, so I can only put medicine on him. Originally, I planned to match Yara Sain and Morris, but I didn't expect that the girl would be you. Fortunately, you are a good girl."

After listening that, Vivian finally understood why Morris had been drugged.

In fact, she had a relationship with that man in her last life!


Vivian was about to say something when an old steward with silver hair walked in. "Madame, Mr. Cheal arrives."

"Let him get in here."

"Yes, Madame." The steward turned and walked out.

Then, Morris, dressed in a silver-gray suit, walked in.

He looked straight at Vivian and then turned to Madame Cheal. "Grandma."

 "You still know to come back?"

Madame Cheal teased her grumpily. Then, she pointed at Vivian Mond and said, "I can introduce someone to you..."

She was interrupted by Morris Cheal. "Grandma, there's no rush. Let me introduce my girlfriend to you first."


was surprised.

Mond was even more surprised. Only God knew how

knew more about her grandson,

"Come in."

said to

a water blue pleated dress in high heels, walking in with her

that figure so familiar?

girlfriend, Yoona Lee." Morris Cheal introduced her to Madame Cheal.

Vivian Mond's mind went blank. She was

staring at Yoona Lee, Yoona

other and could not hide the surprise in their eyes. They had

was it

was she here?

girl of Houston, daughter of Lee family, Yoona Lee? What method did

older, the

Cheal was


had a car accident, and it was Yoona saved me. When she saved me from the car, I gave her the ring passed down by The

spoke, he raised her left hand, indicating for the ring she was wearing.

the black diamond-shaped ring and instantly remembered. No wonder there was a ring

Morris Cheal had been stuffed into her pocket when

after Yoona Lee appeared, the

it seemed that Yoona Lee had already known that the real owner of the ring was Morris

stood up. "That ring

you here? I didn't expect to meet you

her heart and grabbed Morris Cheal's wrist. She quickly interrupted Vivian Mond's words and said, "Vivian, he's the one I mentioned to you that I risked my life

name is Vivian Mond. She is

nonsense disgusted Vivian Mond.

wanted to stand out and tear apart Yoona Lee's hypocritical and disgusting

was that ring, as well

the ring and deceive Morris Cheal, she must have investigated the surveillance video and

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