My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 9 Intentional Murder of Parents

But they had gone too far.

"He's not at home. You can come back later."

Yorlien Green didn't want to talk nonsense with her and closed the door directly.

Vivian Mond seemed to have expected her to do this, so she pushed the door open first and walked in.

"Vivian Mond, what are you doing? Get out of here!"

Yorlien Green was furious.

"Mom, who is it?"

Yoona Lee happened to walk down the stairs. When she saw Vivian Mond, she couldn't help but be annoyed. "Vivian Mond, this is my house. What are you doing here?"

They were clearly related by blood, but they hated her so much.

Vivian Mond's heart ached, but she remained calm and composed. "Nothing much. I just want to get back the reward for saving Mr. Cheal."

Her words made Yorlien Green laugh at her. "It was Yoona who saved Mr. Cheal. What does it have to do with you?"   

Although she was also her biological daughter sitting in front of her, Yorlien Green, who was pampered, still disliked Vivian Mond, who came out of a poor and remote place.

She always felt that this wild girl was rude and unreasonable.

If outsiders knew of Vivian Mond's existence, they would probably ruin the perfect image she and Yoona had built in front of the public.

Vivian Mond looked at Yorlien Green and Yoona Lee. She smiled and said, "You are indeed mother and daughter. You can lie without changing your faces. I'm afraid that the Great Wall is not as thick as your face."

"Vivian Mond, you shut up!"

to Yorlien Green,"Mommy, she is here to ask for

is right." Yorlien Green nodded,"Mom goes upstair and get it

hundred million yuan for saving Mr. Cheal. From now on, we do not owe each

Mond, you should not be too

"We can only

you must take the money to leave Houston immediately. As for the Cheal family, they only recognize

the records in the takeout APP to prove I pass by that road on that

even have the order in the takeout APP that day. How can Morris Cheal not doubt it? However, I might not be able to get Morris Cheal's reward instead of getting into trouble, so I

so the take-out App didn't have the records that she

in front of Morris

the takeout App could not provide enough evidence, it could scare the Lee family.


that Vivian exposed her in front of Morris Cheal, so she

birth to me, I'll give you a discount. Give me ten

You must be

Mond, you're really

from a poor and remote place, she really dared to ask for so much money. Of course, Yoona Lee and Yorlien Green certainly could not accept Vivian Mond's threat.

up and prepared to leave. " You don't agree, and

why Madame Cheal knew Vivian Mond and doted on her

Vivian Mond was a great

"Wait a minute."

Lee shouted, "Mommy and I will discuss this with Daddy.

pulled Yorlien and said, "Mommy, let's go upstairs and

went upstairs, and Vivian

and Yorlien discussed some despicable means to handle

Dengkil was very old, and its sound

hear their conversation.

while, Vivian couldn't heard some dirty ideas to deal with her or her

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