My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 18 Promised to Be Issac Shaw's Girlfriend

"Oh, yes."

Issac Shaw suddenly realized something. He took off his coat, sunglasses, and fixed his short hair, which had been cleaned and dried, in front of the rearview mirror of the car to make the shape more ordinary. Then he raised his eyebrows and looked at Vivian. "How about this?"

"Not bad."

"Okay, let's go." As spoke, he opened the car door and carried four kinds of nutrition products.

"Why are you carrying things?"

Vivian was about to take him to the supermarket to buy a fruit basket and didn't expect that he had prepared something.

"When a boyfriend sees his future mother-in-law, he doesn't bring anything. It's unreasonable."

Issac raised his eyebrows and smiled at her.

"Okay. Then I'll transfer the money to you later."

"It's nothing."

They entered St. Hospital together. On the way, Issac asked about Vivian's adoptive parents and took the opportunity to ask about her birthday.

To his words, it is only not to give the game away in front of her mother, but in fact, he just wanted to know more about her.

Although everyone thought that Vivian was a little ugly, Issac felt that she was real. She was frank and did not flatter him.

She was unique.

On the 21st floor of the inpatient department, Vivian took Issac into the ward. "Mom, I'm here to deliver you dinner."

Issac followed her in. When he saw Jenny, he restrained his playful manner as a rich playboy and smiled politely at her. "Auntie, my name is Issac. I'm Vivian's boyfriend. I just came back from a business trip and had to came to see you till now. Auntie, please don't be angry."

Jenny Doyle looked at Issac , who was wearing a white shirt, suit pants, short black hair, and a handsome and clean face.

"Oh, come on, why are you taking things? Come, put it down, sit for a while."

Jenny pointed to the sofa and asked Issac to sit down, while she sat next to him. "Your name is Issac, isn't it?"

"Yes, Auntie."

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"Of course."

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Jenny chided.

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"All right."

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said, "Since Auntie is here today, I will express my love for you again. Vivian, I've liked you for a long time. Can you be my girlfriend? Although I don't seem reliable, I will prove to

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realized that this guy was still acting!

"Ah? I... I..."

cooperated. "I just asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend. Issac, don't do this. We're really not suitable."

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