My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 37 Honey! You Are So Cute (Part One)

On the next day, when the alarm clock rang a few times, Josef actually didn't wake up, Myra woke up.

She turned off the alarm clock.

"Honey, wake up! You have to go to work. " She said sleepily.

Josef finally woke up with a sleepless expression after Myra called him several times and asked, "Honey! What's wrong? "

"You are going to be late for work." After that, Myra fell asleep again.

"What time is it now? Why didn't the alarm clock ring?" Josef pleaded in a spoiled tone. "I am still sleepy. Dear! Get up with me! "

"Honey! No! I don't need to go to work. Besides, I am sleepy. You'd better get up by yourself! Or you will be late. "

"Honey! You don't love me. You even don't want to get up with me. Now that I am late, I'd better sleep for while! I'm sleepy too. " Josef said and wanted to sleep again.

"Honey, is it really okay if you don't go to the company? I'd better get up with you. "

In fact, it was not Myra's fault that she didn't want to get up! She had a dream last night and didn't sleep well until dawn. It would kill her to get up now!

"It's okay, honey! I'm also sleepy. I'll go to the company in the afternoon. " Replied Josef.

When Ellen got up in the morning, he was thinking about the divorce agreement.

'Forget it. I would send it to his company later! His thing mattered. Josef, that's all I could do for you. I had become a liar for you.

In the future, when Myra knew the truth, I would be the one to bear the most embarrassing thing.' After having breakfast, he rushed to Josef's company with the agreement.

Yvonne was in a good mood today. Maybe it was because of the sweet dream she had last night! What's more, she did a great help for Josef, which could also be regarded as a help to herself!

Thinking of the engagement with him, she was so happy. After putting on makeup and beautiful clothes, she went to work happily. "Good morning! Good morning! " She was in a good mood and greeted everyone in the company.

Is she in love? Or she won lottery last night,"

others were thinking about. She was so happy. She wanted to announce her engagement

she had forgotten that it's just a fake engagement. It was not worthy

she bought on the way to Josef's

secretary said dutifully, "Miss Yvonne, Mr. Josef hasn't

it to him

it to

you!" Yvonne said and was about to

Ellen just arrived. "Ellen, why are you here? Are you looking for

something to tell him.

yet. Why don't you

while and refused, "Is it ok? I will affect

I have nothing to do this morning. I happen to have something to talk to you. Miss Wen, please tell me when Mr. Josef comes here! You can tell him Mr.

answered and walked into Yvonne's

a seat! What would you like to drink? " Yvonne asked.

casually, "Anything

that, Yvonne walked out of the door and ordered

praised, "Your office is really good. No wonder you, as the heir of your family, would

would welcome warmly. " Yvonne answered with a smile.

at recruiting talents. He is really good at winning people's support. I'm so envious of you. If only I could have a beauty

said, "Okay, Ellen! Don't make

Yvonne thought

in!" Yvonne replied.

Ellen, Miss Yvonne, your coffee." The assistant came in and brought coffee for the two

left and joked, "Your assistant is not bad! She has a sweet mouth! What an attractive reward!

way! Are you here to see beauties? Let's

said you had something to talk to me. What is it? The coffee tastes

I heard from Josef that he was going to

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