Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 115 Frustration

“Come on up. Join me at lunch.”

“But I... I am going with my colleagues.” Blanca barely finished what she was saying and Matthew already hung up on her leaving her no time to react to his request. Blanca looked at Isabel with an awkward look, “Sorry, I...”

“Don’t worry about it. Is it the chairman? I will grab someone else then.” Isabel smiled - it seemed like it didn’t trouble her at all. She went to the canteen with someone else, with a smile on her face.

Blanca was a bit disappointed seeing them walk away.

She smiled with bitterness, tidies her stuff up, and went upstairs. It was always Mrs. Brown that prepared Matthew’s meals, and there would not be an exception for today.

Blanca pushed the door open and walked inside. She saw Elizabeth Harris sitting there next to the coffee table already eating the lunch, “Matthew, Mrs. Brown is getting better and better at cooking. I always missed her cooking when I was abroad. And finally today I am enjoying this!”


Blanca stood there wondering if she should go in.

warm... Matthew had already taken off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. He was sitting on the side of

that would be expected from a

her. All she had was a simple

between these two

the door, and his instincts told

casual waving... but it got Blanca to tear

why would he still ask her to

she was even with Matthew in the past but now she felt that she did not belong here even just in

two of them together, Blanca suddenly developed a kind

were the perfect couple

are you doing? Blanca, come here.” Seeing her motionless, Matthew couldn’t help it - his tone was harsh. He called Blanca and asked her to come up. Who knew Elizabeth would come uninvited? But Matthew felt that driving

But Blanca misunderstood.

weird smile towards Matthew, “Chairman Grant, sorry

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