The Lord Mayor Falls in Love with Me

Chapter156 The birthday party

Cindy and Lewis murdered Sam in the unfrequented woods. In the meanwhile, in the quiet village of Giant Salamanders, Marco had spent most of the day sitting alone on the big rock at the entrance of the village and gazing in the direction of the city in the distance, as he had done for the past several months. He had missed Sarah very much.

He would have left the village to pay Sarah a visit in the city long ago if he didn’t have an old blind grandmother to look after back at home.

On the other hand, in Joey’s hometown, she and Allen didn’t take the train to go back to the city with a heavy heart until they attended Nelson and Mrs. Quigley’s funeral.

Joey had been away for more than ten days and there was plenty of work to do in the office. She instantly buried herself in work.

Philip had come to see her twice for work reasons, but was politely turned away. She didn’t want to give him false hope.

Philip knew that she was avoiding him, so he didn’t pay her any visit ever since. Joey simply assumed that Philip had gone back to South Korea until she met him again several days later at a grand birthday party.

It was Martha’s birthday and Lawrence Charles threw her a grand party.

Celebrities from all walks of life in the city were invited to the lavish party.

attended the party as Allen’s date. She had gone to a fancy beauty shop for makeup at

wore a sexy gown and a handsome young man was holding her

raised her glass and smiled graciously,

was shocked to hear

but he soon raised his eyebrows and

up and smiling the whole time. But his sadness and frustration was detectable and fleeting whenever he looked

had left to mingle with other guests


unhappily, because he was jealous.

sense and said worriedly, “Allen, Martha

Martha recently, and they had gotten along well with each other because of work. But she could still vividly remember how Martha had seduced her and tried to take Sarah away from her at the Elsner

very much. In her opinion, Martha was a bold, rebellious and unorthodox girl who Joey couldn’t relate

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