You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 71: Jordan Taught How to Woo a Girl

After dinner, Shirley accompanied Scarlett strolling around the Moores’ Manor, while Bryan was walking back to his room to talk about business with Jordan.

As soon as Bryan looked up, he saw Shirley and Scarlett walking on the lawn. Shirley was holding Scarlett’s arm, and the two were laughing and talking all the way, very intimate.

Bryan was lost in thought for a moment. This was probably the kind of home that he wanted. But then Bryan furrowed involuntarily when he recalled Shirley’s rejection of himself.

Jordan was tensed and asked when seeing Bryan’s look, “Mr. Moore, is there any problem with the procedures? I’ll amend it again.”

Bryan raised his hand to stop him from talking. He leaned his body backward and stared quietly at Shirley for a while. Seeing this, Jordan raised his head and looked in the direction in which Bryan was looking. And it turned out to be Dr. Thomas.

“Madame Moore seems to be very fond of this doctor.” Jordan sighed.

Scarlett sponsored Jordan to finish university, and he knew her temper better than anyone else. Scarlett was very picky, especially to the women beside Bryan. But only Shirley entered into Scarlett’s heart.

Bryan rubbed his temples and asked, “Jordan, do you have anyone you like?”

Jordan was stunned, looking back at Bryan. His handsome face was blushed, and he raised his hand, scratching his hair unnaturally, saying, “Yes, there is!”

“How did you chase her? And get her to agree to marry you!” Bryan thought of the scene arguing with Shirley in front of the villa tonight when he mentioned this. He didn’t understand why Shirley would feel unhappy when he wanted to be responsible to her.

Jordan coughed and said, “Mr. Moore, you have to take your time in pursuing a girl. And there’s a saying that goes, ‘More haste, less speed’.”

headed up, staring at him, “You

I knew that some girls just don’t like frivolous

Bryan frowned, hearing this, and his

for a few days and then wants to get married with her, while the woman happens to have two children and she doesn’t like a flash marriage too, she would feel that the man is unreliable

and said to him thoughtfully

he still couldn’t figure

she want? I notice that most people consider money and a house

feeling helpless about Bryan’s emotional intelligence. How could he still not understand? Dr. Thomas didn’t

to seduce her husband, for him being too handsome and rich.” After saying this, Jordan felt that

a dawning realization. He

piece of paper and drew up a prenuptial agreement. When Jordan looked at the

and walked around like this. Shirley

talking a lot about Bryan having a hard life before returning to the Moore family.

of life Bryan had lived before returning to the Moore family and why he lived in exile. As

going to hide Mr. Moore’s condition from me?” Since they mentioned Bryan’s past, Shirley brought up the origin of Bryan’s illness too. Only by going to its root could Bryan get rid of his alertness to the darkness, allowing him to relax and

Jasmine looked at each other, and they

do?” Scarlett naturally hoped that Bryan would be cured and wouldn’t have to rely on psychiatrists and drugs anymore in the future. She

this month’s observation, Mr. Moore is very sensitive to the darkness and afraid of it too, especially when lying alone in bed at night. His alertness is double that of daytime. Sometimes he would still have convulsions and wake up during his sleep. I’ve concluded that Mr. Moore must have suffered a psychological and physical trauma. Moreover, it’s an event that had cast a serious shadow on him and turned him into this.

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